Gujarat: the neighbors go out to talk in Gandhinagar, reserved for the spread of diseases

AHMEDABAD: Control the urge to meet with your neighbor and converse even within the precincts of your society. Drones, the eyes of the policemen in the sky, could approach you and reserve you for violating the confinement and spreading diseases in times of the crown.

Four neighbors in a society in Gandhinagar They were hired by police on Thursday after they left their home to chat.

According to the FIR filed with Sector 21 police of the state capital, four residents of Khantvaas in Gandhinagar were captured talking by the drone camera. Cops said the four, aged between 25 and 30 years, violated the rule of social distancing and booked them for spreading infectious disease under the Epidemic Act.

A team of local crime branch Gandhinagar was patrolling near Sector-20 and using drone cameras when they spotted the group.

The defendants, identified as Mahendra Thakor, Vijay Bhojaiya, Sanjay Devipujak and Narsinh Bhil, are residents of the Khantvas locality. All four said they were intrigued by the drone flying over their homes and went out to view the drone and discuss the closure situation, Inspector Amarsinh Chauhan of the Sector 21 police station, where the case was filed, said. .

An LCB police officer said all the defendants have not been released in the past two weeks. They told police that they used to chat every day, but as the drones captured them on Tuesday, they had to take legal action against them.

They were curious about the drone camera. Seeing a flying object above his head, they started looking at him and chatting about him. Luckily, they were captured and booked, the LCB police said.