The super rich are buying hotels to isolate themselves

NEW DELHI: Some wealthy people have begun renting hotel rooms, inn lodgings, and resort suits, while fleeing major cities to less densely populated areas, reports CNN Travel. But the wealthiest are going one step further and reserving entire properties for themselves.

Country Resort, a luxury country house hotel in Berkshires that generally opens in May, is now available to those looking to reserve the entire property for a small group or family. The cost of a purchase? $ 38,000 per day.

Even though we are in the midst of our annual winter shutdown, we received multiple calls from many of our loyal guests asking if we would consider reopening a purchase, the general manager said. There's a desire more than ever to want to be transported away from it all with family and loved ones, and booking our golden age mansion is one way to do it.

Cape Inn in is also for rent. A weekly rate of $ 19,500 will give you the full 14-room hotel, with ocean views, weekly cleaning service, and all meals. To ensure staff safety, all records are now virtual and can be prepared in advance.

This is a new offer that we are implementing for April. We have seen many of the seasonal summer homes in the area become a respite for people living in highly populated urban areas since the virus occurred, said the hotel's managing director, Justin Grimes.

It's a perfect sample of the nation's stark class divide: Many people can't even afford to leave their homes (or stop working), much less run away from the state and buy a full hotel.

Wealthy people who leave their homes and ignore self-isolation measures have been considered super propagators, as they often come from hot spots and carry the virus to the smaller suburban areas they go to. Once they arrive in these small areas, newly arrived part-time residents invariably disrupt local life. As a result, there have been reports of food shortages in cities across the country.