There is uncertainty about IPL, but Rajasthan Royals working on fitness: Dishant Yagnik

JAIPUR: Fitness and Yagnik disgusted They are close allies. The old Rajasthan wicketkeeper and Rajasthan Royals The field coach is a fan of physical fitness and even after retirement he hasn't let the lethargy settle. No wonder, staying indoors during the 21 days of confinement has not stopped him from following his physical activity program.

These days I'm doing bodyweight exercises that include squats, static strides, push-ups, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, and explosive exercises, all at home, shared the former hitter on the left.

Before Section 144 and the national blockade were imposed, the Udaipur coach trained Royals players during their camps in Guwahati and Nagpur. IPL is 'my next assignment' said Yagnik, but quickly acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the cash-rich league. Fingers crossed. Let's see how the situation plays out, I added. According to the latest media reports, IPL franchises have decided that they will have the next meeting after the government comes up with a fresh advisory on April 14.

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Lead owner of Rajasthan Royals Manoj Badale in message to the team's fans contemplated, “After months of hard work from our players, coaches, support staff and management, we were also looking forward to taking the IPL to the Northeast for the first time and giving fans there an opportunity to experience this great tournament live, with our first home game in Guwahati on April 5. ”

To keep Royals players fit and focused, Yagnik revealed that they have been given a schedule to follow. The players are working on an exercise program designed for them by the Royals' support staff, he said.

In addition, Yagnik, 36, who has played 50 first-class matches for Rajasthan, has come forward to do his part in the nation's fight against COVID-19 pandemic. He shared on his Facebook account the screenshot of the electronic receipt of the donation to the Prime Minister's Fund for Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergencies (PM CARES Fund). The former hitter also urged other state players to step up the cause. Any amount everyone can donate, please do! he wrote in the post. No matter how large or small the amount is, all that counts is increasing on occasions like this to help the nation, Yagnik said.

While Badale has urged fans to unite as one great Royal Family in the fight against the deadly virus. “Sport has always had the power not only to entertain, but also to unite. Fighting this virus by staying indoors for the next few weeks and staying healthy by following all the safety guidelines is a great way to show our unity in these tough times. Please stay inside, follow medical advice, stay safe, stay fit, keep social distance, and thank the real heroes: our health workers, essential service workers, and authorities who work day and night and they put themselves at risk to protect us and protect us. the world during these difficult times, he said.