Chess: India's best Divya is fifth in the world, Raunak ranks Jr No. 8

NAGPUR: With the COVID-19 outbreak , Chess Activities around the world have stagnated, as have the rankings of the city's teachers.

While the world table tennis and badminton federations decided to freeze their monthly rankings, Fide the global body for Chess continued to allot their monthly Elo ratings.

Maharashtra’s youngest Shiv Chhatrapati award winners and young city stars Raunak Sadhwani and Divya Deshmukh, after returning home from the Aeroflot Open in Russia on March 1 to prepare for their annual examinations, didn’t participate in any international rating Chess tournaments last month.

While players from other countries participated in tournaments, they earned some points. However, the handful of rating points that Raunak and Divya had on their kitty made them among the best junior teachers in the world.

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In the latest rankings announced by Fide for April, Raunak, with 2545 Elo, occupies the eighth place in the Open U-16 category, while Divya maintained her superior position among the girls in the country and as the fifth best player in the world.

From No. 7 in the world last month, the city's only Grand Master, Raunak, dropped one place after Bjerre Jonas of Denmark topped him by just four points, racking up 2549 Elo points.

Raunak, however, has maintained its fourth position in the country. Center Point School student Katol Road is behind India's top junior artists Nihal Sarin, Praggnanandhaa R and Gukesh D on the list. While Nihal and Praggnanandhaa lead the race above 2,600 Elo points, Raunak is 18 points behind India's youngest GM, Gukesh D. However, the country's top four are far ahead of the competition among other teachers, since the fifth classified Saksham Rautela has 2480 Elo points and is 65 points from Raunak.

Del mismo modo, la dos veces campeona mundial de Chess juvenil Divya tiene con sus 2305 puntos Elo. El estudiante de BVM, Civil Lines, continúa en el puesto número 5 en la categoría U-16 del mundo. A pesar de perder puntos cruciales en marzo, Divya se aferra al puesto número 1 de la India tanto en la categoría sub-16 como sub-18.

However, on the world stage, the 14-year-old Women International (WIM) teacher dropped to 15th place in the under-18 girl group. In 2306 Elo, 17-year-old Goltseva Ekaterina from Russia took 15th place in Divya for just one point.

In India, Divya leads the pack by a practical 19-point margin in the U-18 group. Vantika Agrawal, 17, is in second place with 2,286 Elo points. In the U-16 category, Divya leads the race by 44 points. At 2261, Savitha Shri from Tamil Nadu is the closest competitor for the girl in town.

With Raunak and Divya receiving a promotion at their school, they will both be eager to get the normal stuff and participate in international competitions.