UK death toll from coronavirus rises to 2,921, up 24% in one day

LONDON: The UK The number of deaths from coronoavirus increased 24 percent to 2,921 as of April 1.

At 0800 GMT on April 2, a total of 163,194 people had been tested, of whom 33,718 tested positive, the health ministry said.

De los hospitalizados en el UK que dieron positivo, 2,921 han muerto tristemente, dijo el ministerio.

NHS said that of the 561 people who died in English hospitals in the previous 24-hour cycle, 44 had no underlying health conditions. The age range of those without underlying health conditions was 25 to 100 years.

The UK has one of the worst official death tolls in the world, after Italy, Spain, the United States, France, China and Iran.

Globally, the death toll from coronavirus is more than 47,000.

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