Center revokes visas, will deport Tablighi members

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, the Union's Interior Ministry blacklisted and canceled the tourist visas of 960 foreign members for violating visa conditions by participating in missionary activities here.

Minister of the Interior Amit Shah He tweeted that states and where these foreigners are present have been asked to take the necessary legal action under what sources say is likely to involve their subsequent payment of a $ 500 fine, as well as under the .

The blacklist order will prevent them from entering India for at least two years. Sources said the 960s could be deported when they complete the quarantine/hospitalization period and international flights resume. In the event that international flights are not available at the end of the quarantine period, they can be transferred to detention centers.

Although the Disaster Management Law provides for imprisonment of up to one year or a fine for violation of an order issued by the competent authority, which can be extended to two years in prison if such violation results in loss of life, it was not clear if this clause will be invoked. Why bear the unnecessary burden of bringing them to trial here, an officer said.

The sources said the Tablighi Jamaat authorities will be asked to strictly keep a record of all foreign visitors along with their passport and visa details, as well as their activities.