Businesses seek to make WFH interesting through physical and fun activities

Chennai/Mumbai: For those who miss going to the water cooler for a quick laugh or a tea break because they are locked up at home, their employers make sure their associates don't lose too much, while productivity and engagement levels remain intact.

Businesses, large and small, in all industries are having fitness sessions, virtual team lunches, and activities to maintain team bonding virtually and to make sure employees are off the hook.

“At work, you meet team members at the coffee table in the alley. This creates a sense of presence even if they don't really interact with each other. However, during FMH mode, this must be filled with constant interactions even if they are only prescriptive, ”said a Snapdeal spokesperson. The company has created a Radio Snapdeal with selected songs to start the day.

These are sent to employees by email.

Tata Consultancy Services, for example, has live pasta sessions, yoga exercises, and takes your pet to her video call sessions at work. “In addition, we also continue to encourage employees to take courses on our digital learning platform that enables them to learn anytime, anywhere. They are also encouraged to stay connected through contests on Knome (TCS's internal social media platform for employees), a TCS spokesperson said.

In an attempt to improve productivity, some companies also take care of employees' lunches so that those in the workforce who cannot cook or organize food can dedicate 100% to work while meeting their needs. ShareChat, a local language social network, has partnered with Freshmenu for their employees to eat lunch according to their choice.

Our idea was to focus on maintaining productivity and keeping our employees in good spirits both physically and mentally, said Swapna Nair, vice president of human resources for ShareChat.

Other firms are monitoring their fitness, considering that their employees have a relatively more sedentary lifestyle while working from home. Recruitment company Randstad through its virtual walkathon challenge has the steps of its employees followed every day using a mobile application.

E-commerce company Snapdeal has a Hustle for muscle exercise, through which it encourages employees to exercise at home with email messages that include curated links to Zumba, Yoga, Walk at home, among others, which are can be done at home.

The creative side of employees is always welcome. Voltas de Tata Group is rewarding its employees for being creative about their work space at home. For example, employees are encouraged to share a selfie/video with a brief description of how they are best using their work from home routine. Better employee value creation for the company, along with building a personal interest/hobby, receive bonus points, said Narendren Nair, EVP and CHRO, Voltas Limited.