Reset your body with these detoxifying foods

Meals filled with a healthy hit “Healthy bowls come with unique toppings and a mix of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, and seeds. Or you can also opt for bowls of oatmeal overnight. Here, the oatmeal is soaked in Greek yogurt and topped with nuts and fruit, says Durga Gogoi, who administers a healthy bowl called Green Bowls in Wakad. You could choose various combinations, such as Berry Blast (Greek strawberry yogurt, chia seeds). , oatmeal, blueberry, watermelon seeds), Crazy Monkey (plain Greek yogurt, oatmeal, roasted almonds, chia seeds, bananas, grated chocolate) and Super Bowl (plain Greek yogurt, oatmeal, cinnamon, chia seeds, green apple and Pumpkin seeds ) .

Oatmeal has a low glycemic index and when combined with ingredients like curd, nuts and healthy seeds, helps you maintain your weight. Eating oatmeal foods means you're not consuming anything fatty or fried, the easiest way to keep toxins in food at bay, Seema adds.

Puddings to get rid of toxins

Puddings made with chia seeds have a great impact, and those loaded with fruits and nuts, have a heavenly flavor and also eliminate toxins from your body. Seema reports: Chia seeds have omega 3 fatty acids that help you lose weight and also help regulate blood sugar, so when you are thinking of going for a detox diet, be sure to add these seeds to your pudding and smoothies.n “Chia vanilla pudding is an ideal choice if you are trying to eat clean. Chia seeds are rich in protein, calcium, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and potassium, and vanilla makes food delicious. You can also opt for blueberry chia seed pudding - it's a healthy mix that helps you rejuvenate, suggests Rakesh Agarwal, owner of Viman Nagar's Healthy Puddings.

Juices for that glow

“Whether it's a simple coconut and orange juice, or one that is a blend of leafy vegetables, aloe vera, and citrus, these drinks are loaded with vitamins A and C and antioxidants, giving you radiant skin and better hair. by cleaning their system from within, says Sanjana Parekh, owner of the home juice service in Viman Nagar.

Ravi Jagtap, a dietitian from Pune, says: Hydration is like an elixir for the skin. The more you drink juices and smoothies, the better your skin will be. For perfect skin, more than a facial in a spa, what you need is that your system is clean and that your intake of liquids (water, juices, healthy drinks, smoothies) is correct.

Proteins for strength

Proteins in the form of chicken, paneer, tofu, and eggs can help increase your strength and facilitate fat loss, as long as you eat them without frying.

Suhas Sangavi, owner of the Kalyani-based Nagar Grilled Proteins health restaurant, suggests: “Grilled proteins are ideal for detoxification. Grilled paneer salad, mint and tofu salad, grilled chicken with leafy greens, piri piri chicken salad, and even boiled sprout salad will do wonders for your system.

Ravi explains: The best thing about protein is that you have a lot of options: legumes, meat, dairy, nuts, vegetables, etc. However, it would be wise to skip the fried chicken or protein while on a diet. or grilled protein is ideal.


Beetroot to restore balance

Beets are known to restore pH balance and cleanse the liver. “Beetroot smoothies, beetroot juices with apple cider vinegar, beetroot halwa (unsweetened) and a simple beet salad with cucumber and lime refresh your body and cleanse your system. It's also the best ingredient to keep your system going if you've been intoxicated with alcohol and your body's pH balance has been affected, says Sahil Narvekar, owner of the Beet The Guilt salad bar in Wagholi.

Dr. Swasti Shelkar, a nutritionist from the city, says: My suggestion to my clients is that they should have beets every day. It has Vitamin A and C, and in addition to being the best cleanser for the system, it also keeps your skin shiny.

Foods to cleanse your body:

Nuts and seeds: Rich in proteins, good fats and antioxidants.

Leafy vegetables: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these are low in calories. They help cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and increase immunity.

Fruits and vegetables: Loaded with Vitamin A and C and dietary fiber, they help improve your digestive system

Lemon: Often called liver tonic, lemon is rich in vitamin C and works wonders when bloated. It helps regulate your digestion and cleanses your system.

Cucumber: Helps to remove excess water from the body and heals swelling.

Tomatoes: Stay hydrated and boost immunity.