Covid-19 in India: Almost 65% of 544 new cases across India linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event in the city

NEW DELHI: The explosion of Covid-19 cases caused by the event (TJ) continued to unfold for the third consecutive day, when at least 295 delegates from across the country who had attended the religious congregation at Nizamuddin in Delhi tested positive last month. virus, accounting for more than 60% of the 485 confirmed cases across India as of around 11:45 pm on Thursday.

The count across the country, which had crossed the 2,000 mark just a day earlier, topped 2,500 with Delhi (141), Maharashtra (88) and Tamil Nadu (75) adding large numbers.

At least eight Covid-19 deaths were reported, bringing the number of victims across the country to 70. He has confirmed 2,069 cases and 54 deaths.

Delhi led the count on Thursday with 129 of the total of 141 confirmed cases linked to the. This was followed by the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, which together represented 143 Tablighi delegates or their contacts tested positive. While 74 of the total 75 cases in Tamil Nadu comprised TJ delegates or their contacts, 26 of the 27 positive cases in Telangana were linked to the Nizamuddin congregation. In Karnataka, 11 of the 14 cases were delegates from Tablighi or their contacts. In Andhra, the 32 cases that reported positive had the Tablighi link.

Similarly, all confirmed cases that were reported by Madhya Pradesh and the northeastern states of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal on Thursday were linked to the Tablighi meeting. Madhya Pradesh reported five new cases (four of them foreign), Assam three and Manipur and Arunachal one each.

In Rajasthan, three of the 13 positive cases were linked to the congregation, while in UP Tablighi, delegates represented at least two of the total 10 cases. In Maharashtra, which had the highest number of Covid-19 cases on the Thursday after Delhi, eight of the 88 positive cases were related to TJ.

The Covid-19 count in Delhi, as well as in the southern states Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has multiplied in the past three days due to the Tablighi link of positive cases. At 143, Andhra's total has recorded a threefold increase in positive cases in the past two days. State Nodal Officer A Srikanth said that health authorities had tested 758 returnees from Delhi and 91 of them tested positive. This translates to almost 16% of AP Markaz participants who tested positive. “We have details of all the participants in Andhra Pradesh. District officials have been tracking the details of the rest, ”Srikanth said.

In Assam, the health minister said that a total of 503 state delegates had attended the religious congregation in Nizamuddin. We have been successful in contacting 488 of them and so far we have collected 361 samples, he said, adding that the state government was trying to locate the other 15 who had attended the congregation.

Across the country, about 50 medical professionals, who may not be essentially involved in the management of Covid-19, have also been found positive for the disease, prompting medical associations to demand more protective equipment. A senior AIIMS resident doctor and his wife, who is in an advanced stage of pregnancy, tested positive.