3 best ways to make your own DIY cleaning mop

Necessity is the mother of invention! The Greek philosopher must not have even imagined that this would be true for cleaning mops one day! During the quarantine life, one thing that worries people in the home is cleaning and mopping the house. This is an activity that we never did when domestic help was an integral part of our lives. But now that we can't help it, but do it all on our own, here is some help. N From T-shirts to socks, there are many reusable things in your home that you can recycle to make the best cleaning mop.

Reuse your old shirt

What you need: an old T-shirt, a stick and a string to tie.

How to do it -

1. Cut the sleeves and cut the sides.

2. Take a stick.

3. Wrap the end of the stick with the shirt, leaving a long end hanging from the stick.

4. Tie the shirt with the string and cut the hanging part into wide strips.

5. Dip the stick in water so that the hanging ends of the shirt are soaked, turn it to release additional water and use it.

Reuse your old leather socks

With extreme winters hitting the country this time, most of us turn to fur socks to keep our feet warm. If you don't plan on keeping them safe until the next winters, use them during this lockdown.

How to use it -

Soak the socks in a mixture of water, white vinegar, and essential oil. Squeeze it to release extra water. Take a cleaner and cover it with the soaked sock. You are ready to sweep the dirt off your floor.

Reuse that old towel

While cleaning out closets on these quarantine days, you must have definitely realized that some old towels are hidden in the corners of the almirah that are not good to use. Well, now is the time to put them to use. Make them the best mop in the world.

How to do it -

1. Trim the hard edges of the towel.

2. Now cut the towel into wide strips and tie them with string.

3. Now tie the strips together on a stick firmly.

4. Your cleaning mop is ready.

Stay home, stay safe!