This is how television actor Abhishek Bose spends time at home during the confinement

Actor Abhishek Bose , who plays the leading role in the daily soap, Netaji, is spending quality time with his parents at home during the emergency shutdown . The actor, who is also a good singer, is practicing. music every day, reading books and also drawing to spend his days of isolation.

He said, “I think this emergency shutdown period has brought many of us close to our parents . We have been spending all our time together eating, watching TV and indulging in long adda sessions, which is not possible on days when we are busy shooting and come back late at night.”

The actor also urged everyone to stay home and maintain social distance, as it is the need of the hour. “People around the world are going through a great crisis. All we can do now is maintain social distance, as that is the only way we can avoid contracting the deadly. coronavirus . Everyone should wash their hands frequently and maintain personal hygiene, added Abhishek.