Shivaji Satam: I am very happy that the CID will work again on television.

CID, producer BP Singh The program that had recorded a record career of approximately 22 years on one channel will be returned. The show, like several popular shows from the 1980s and 1990s, will be repeated Sony entertainment , in which he had a long and successful career. The show was directed by the actor. Shivaji Satam who played ACP Pradhyuman throughout the entire show. The detective drama was popular to a degree that had repetitions while it was still in the air. They plugged into it almost two years ago.

I'm glad and glad that people see and experience again CID . It worked for 22 years, that is not something that can be achieved with poor content. Our stories were very attractive to people. Wherever I go today, people recognize me as ACP. It was a very good experience for us as actors because we became a big family. The show saw so many actors come and go. It will be fun to relive all of that, ā€¯Shivaji told us.