It's a big decision from the end of the channel to broadcast Goyenda Ginni: Indrajeet Bose

With the lock in effect until mid-April, several iconic serials and shows in television are being aired again the keep viewers entertained. While many are enjoying watching Ramayana and Mahabharata, as they are being re-telecast on Doordarshan, many private Bengali channels too are showing their old and hit serials . One such show is Ginni Legend starring Indrani Haldar , Shaheb Chattoapdhyay, Indrajit Roy and others.Talking about the serial being shown again, Indrajit, who played the role of a police officer named Arup Roy and was Indrani’s brother-in-law, who helped her solve mysteries in the serial, said, “Many people are getting extremely bored during the lockdown. Not all of us are working from home, so it’s a great decision from the channel’s end to re-telecast Ginni Legend . It has been one of the most successful daily soaps in the past. Hopefully it’s a good mode of entertainment in this time of crisis.