Once the closure is over, the first thing I will do is gorge myself on phuchkas: Somraj Maity

With all the shootings suspended, TV actor Somraj Maity you are having a hard time spending your days at home. He says: “I have grown up playing video games. My mother used to scold me a lot since I always got into studies and played video games. But in the last two weeks, I also got bored of video games. I'm watching Films on OTT platforms, but that's monotonous sometimes too. We are all going through a global crisis and I hope we can overcome it soon. So once the block is over, the first thing I will do is gorge myself on phuchkas, as I miss him so much. I can't cook at all. I tried to learn it during this time, but realized that it is not my cup of tea. I'm also desperately waiting to hit the Shooting floor and start working.

The actor, who is known for being a fitness fanatic, feels too lazy to train at home now. “I always prefer to exercise in the gym, together with my friends. That is a completely different buzz. My mother handed me a yoga mat and asked me to do some hands-free exercises, but I'm too lazy to train at home. But the good thing about being locked up is that I am just eating homemade food, which has helped me stay fit and lose some weight, added Somraj.