Government gives foreigners stranded block exemption

NEW DELHI: The government On Thursday it allowed transit arrangements for stranded foreigners as well as foreigners, who arrived in India after February 15 after their quarantine period and tested negative, authorities said.

He said that only foreign citizens would be allowed to leave, who are asymptomatic for COVID-19.

In an order, they said that decisions have been made by exercising powers, conferred by the Disaster Management Act.

According to the order, the Home Office allowed transit arrangements for foreign citizens, who are currently in India, and the release of quarantined people, who arrived in India after February 15, after expiration. from their quarantine period and tested negative for COVID-19.

The Interior Ministry said it was notified that several foreign citizens are stranded in different parts of the country due to the closure measures.

Some foreign countries have approached the government for evacuation of their nationals.

In view of these, it has now been decided that requests received from foreign government s, for evacuation of their nationals from India , would be examined by the Ministry of (MEA) on case to case basis, the order said.

In cases where such requests are endorsed by MEA, the following protocol would be observed: The chartered flight would be arranged by the concerned foreign government in consultation with the , prior to departure, the foreign nationals would be screened for COVID-19 symptoms according to standard health protocol.

In the case of symptomatic people, the future course of treatment would be followed, according to the standard health protocol, the home ministry said.