Now the KV and JNV will provide a 27% quota for OBC

PRAYAGRAJ: From this academic session (2020-21) onwards, all 1200 Kendriya Vidyalaya across the country, and indeed all Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya (JNV) in the country, would give 27% reserve for students of ( OBC) category while students are admitted to class 1. This follows the letter from the ministry of human resources and development to commissioner Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) detailing the policy to be followed in providing this 27% quota for the next session academic.

OBC students have so far been deprived of a 27% reserve by gaining admission to class 1 at KV and JNV.

The MHRD's decision follows the recommendation of the OBC Parliamentary Committee for the Well-Being, which presented its report in December 2019.

Under current admission policy, followed by all KVs across the country to fill 40 seats in one section, there is a 25% quota under RTE (Right to Education Law), 15% for scheduled caste and 7.5% for the programmed tribe. A 3% quota for people with disabilities is also awarded horizontally among the 40 seats in each section. In addition to these, there were five seats to be filled at the recommendation of the sponsoring agency, be it defense, railways, public sector companies, etc.

However, according to the recent letter, signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Government of India, (dated March 30), all KVs would change their admission guidelines and provide, for the first time, reservations for OBC students.

The MHRD letter also mentions the number of slots that the respective schools have to fill for each category. According to the letter, there will be 10 seats for RTE, six for SC, three for ST, and 11 for OBC category candidates.

The reservation for these categories would be made following the guidelines of filling the 40 seats among the Five categories, which depends on the service sector in which the student's parents or grandparents work. Category I includes all central government employees, including defense, paramilitaries, railroads, AG offices, income, etc. Also, category II is for employees of autonomous central government agencies such as nationalized banks, LIC, etc. and for category III, they are considered employees of the state government, etc.

Now that the DRH has instructed the KVS, the new admission policy will be formed and our headquarters (KVS in New Delhi) will notify the same to all 25 KV regions and then the admission process for class 1 for the next the academic session would begin, ”said the assistant commissioner, KV Varanasi region, V Shivaji.

However, the problem has already delayed the admission process in all KVs in the country. Until last year, the respective KVs used to come out with the notification of admission to class 1 in the month of February and the admissions for all classes except 11 were completed in April.

But this year's situation is different, and the same has worsened due to the current national blockade.

The admission process has been delayed, first due to the fact that the government was deciding to grant a 27% reserve to OBC and now is the closing time by which admissions will be completed only after the situation normalizes, he said the director of KV IIIT-A Jhalwa ,.