Throwback Thursday: Rimi Tomy remembers her fangirl moment with actor Kunchako Boban 20 years ago

Onnum Onnum Moonnu m presenter and singer Rimi tomy she's excited about a flashback image she recently found. This picture of her with the actor Kunchako Boban It was taken 20 years ago. Rimi has also expressed her enthusiasm on her social networks. Mentioning that the actor was the leading man of many fans at the time and added that she was one of them. In the image published by an old newspaper, Rimi is seen anxiously waiting to get Kunchako's autograph.

Love who found this photo who is 20 years old. Chakochan was the girl's heartthrob after the release of his movie Niram. Look at me with great admiration for your autograph. I was the star of the Pala Alphonsa College when this photo was published in the newspaper. Well, this photo was sent only by Chakochan, says the translation of his post in Malayalam.

Here is the picture:

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In addition to her television period, the travel enthusiast always keeps her fans engaged with her travel diaries.