Exclusive - Vijayendra Kumeria from Naagin 4: Nia Sharma always has a lot of energy and remembers her lines thoroughly

Vijayendra Kumeria has been winning hearts like Dev Parikh in Ekta Kapoor The supernatural thriller Naagin Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel. The actor's chemistry with Nia Sharma , quien interpreta el papel de Brinda, también ha llamado la atención de todos. Conocido popularmente como #BrinDev, este jodi es todo un éxito in la pantalla. En una charla exclusiva in vivo con ETimes TV, habló sobre las dificultades de ser parte de la industria de la televisión, robando chocolates a su hija y muchas otras anécdotas interesantes de su vida.

About #BrinDev chemistry

Chemistry is something that you cannot force each other to create. From the first day of filming, we did our scenes and everything went quite well. Thank you for accepting and loving us. We continue to receive gifts from fans too.

On Nia Sharma being high on energy

Nia Sharma is very energetic also hypered at times. Her energy level is too high. She keeps the energy on the sets high. She loves to finish off her scenes quickly. It is good to work with such people. Also, she is very good with her lines and doesn't forget. So, I also have to remember the lines to match up to her level.

Discover chemistry with three actresses: Nia, Rashami and Anita

We are duly informed about the scenes. Also, they are all good actors. And it is not difficult to build good chemistry with them, as they also know what to do. Then it is easy.

Working with Rashami Desai

If I talk about Rashami in Naagin , then we have worked for only a week. But I have known her for long. We have worked in the same channel and did mahasangam episodes earlier together. She is easy to work with and also when the actor is good, it is quite comfortable as well.

Being a part of Naagin franchisee

Undoubtedly, Naagin franchisee is one of the biggest on TV and this is my first Balaji show. As an actor, I feel very happy to be in the space right now. People liking the show is like an icing on the cake. Even after this season gets over, I would like the makers to bring another season and would wish that to be a hit as well. I feel happy to know that people of all ages watch this show. As an actor you get a high to know that even people from the industry watch Naagin .

Journey from supporting actor to leading actor

I started acting in 2011 and did a few shows in Doordarshan. I am glad that I did those shows because I got to learn a lot. It was in 2014, when I got to play the lead character in Shastri Sisters. Udaan was the turning point in my career. After that my career graph has gone up.

On changing career to be an actor

I was in the aviation industry before entering TV industry. The industry is very uncertain hence don’t keep your hopes too high. There is glamour of course, but that comes after a lot of hard work. You need to keep yourself secure and keep in mind that you have a future. Invest and spend money wisely. You should be ready for the highs and lows.

Uncertainties and struggles of the television industry

Not only acting, but there’s always better to have a second option. Don’t jump into things. I have a production house as well. My wife is a part of it. Before investing in anything, make proper research. Financial flow in the industry is not certain, hence you should know about the pros and cons before taking any step.

Family support throughout his career.

Mi familia nunca me ha impedido perseguir mis sueños. Siempre han apoyado mis elecciones. Tenía 19 años cuando entré in la aviación. Cuando entré in la actuación, les hablé y me di dos años. Si no me hubiera ganado un nombre, habría regresado. Pero afortunadamente no tuve que hacerlo.

By stealing your daughter's chocolates

I love dark chocolates and sometimes I crave them. Then I stole them from my daughter's (Kimaya) collection. However, she is too young to notice and I replace the chocolates.