Apartment residents become community cooks for in-house staff

Life in a gated community is easy on many fronts as it has 24-hour security and staff to take care of everyday needs and keep everything running smoothly. But with the current blockade, many companies faced having no one to do these jobs, until some of them agreed to live on the premises for the foreseeable future. However, this noble effort on their part did not go unnoticed, and residents came together to ensure that every staff member is cared for during this stay.From bedding to meals and tea on time, it all depends on the crowd , according to the floating requirements in the WhatsApp groups. At an apartment complex in Yelenahalli, for example, the management committee sent out excel sheets with what was needed and sent it to residents to fill in the details of when and when they would be participating. One of them was Shabana, who volunteered to cook. Dinner for some staff members throughout the period of confinement. “Right now there are about 50 staff members living in the complex. I cook for 25 of them, while others jump in for the rest. There is an established routine and we prepare simple meals such as rice, curry, etc. , she says.

Vinay Vishwakarma, a resident of an apartment complex in Sarjapur, says that to make sure that meal times are not interrupted, they formed a group of volunteers who would cook for the staff members. “It had to be done, since the hotels in the neighborhood were closed and the staff had no means of cooking on the premises. The group of volunteers cooks three meals for the staff, while others contribute the necessary food, he explains.

Cynthia Shashank is part of a group that has been cooking meals for the staff at her apartment complex in Thanisandra. She says: We avoid close contact and do not distribute food in groups. All planning is done through WhatsApp without knowing anyone.