Maharashtra Congress Seeks Special Burial Places for Covid-19 Victims

MUMBAI: On Thursday, the leader and former Congressional minister called on the government to assign special burial places in existing cemeteries or other burial places for Covid-19 Muslim victims.

In a memo to the Prime Minister, Khan noted that despite the Covid-19 scourge, Muslim victims must be buried according to their religious principles.

He said that even World Health Organization guidelines allow the bodies to be buried with certain precautions, but despite these certain groups did not allow the burial of a Muslim Covid-19 victim in Malad on Wednesday.

In these circumstances, the government must assign a special place in existing Muslim cemeteries to use only to bury Covid-19 victims, or assign special cemeteries for people in the eastern and western suburbs exclusively for the last rites of those succumb, Khan told IANS.

He said that a similar policy should be adopted that guarantees the safety of the entire population and yet that the feelings of Muslims are not affected.

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Khan's communication came after the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner decreed that, regardless of religion, all Covid-19 victims must be cremated to ensure that the coronavirus poses no threat to the local population.

But those who wanted to bury could do so outside of Mumbai, causing a scandal among some sectors, prompting Pardeshi to modify the order by allowing burials in Mumbai subject to strict protocols.

As of April 2, in the midst of the national shutdown, Maharashtra recorded 19 deaths and a staggering 416 positive cases of Covid-19, the highest in the country.