No democracy in the world is fighting the pandemic by muzzling its media: the Editors Guild of India

NEW DELHI: Editors in India, the country's main body of print journalists, on Thursday made an exception to the Union government that blamed the Supreme Court for speaking of panic among migrant workers who led their mass movement to following the 21 days of closure throughout the country.

Saying that it was deeply disturbed by the presentation, the Guild said in a statement that this had led the main court to observe that while it did not want to inhibit debate on the issue in any way? The media should consult and publish the official version of the developments related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Guild would present in all humility that it regards the court with the utmost respect, but considers this advice to be free and unnecessary, the statement said.

He also claimed that blaming the media would only undermine the current work he is doing in difficult circumstances. Such charges can also obstruct the broadcast process during an unprecedented crisis facing the country. No democracy in any part of the world is fighting the pandemic by gagging its media, said the Guild.

The Guild also called the government's decision to file an FIR against the editor-in-chief of the news website TheWire an overreaction and intimidation. “Any intimidation of the media or blaming the media for the massive migration of workers will backfire. Said actions will be equivalent to disabling the messenger, ”said the Guild statement.

The Editor's Guild also said that while it believed that the media should be responsible, free and fair, any government interference would only undermine these goals.