Gas leak victim Bhopal dies after being evicted when the hospital becomes the Covid-19 treatment institute

BHOPAL: A 70-year-old gas leak victim who was evicted from the Research Center (BMHRC) died here on Thursday. She was among hundreds of patients sent home prematurely from the hospital, after the March 23 video order made it an exclusive hospital for potential Covid-19 victims.

The gas victim was undergoing treatment for gastroenterology treatment. Following her premature release, the patient's family was not very aware of the treatment protocol. They contacted a consultant after the deceased victim swelled up, especially in the abdominal area. She died at her residence Thursday night, confirmed a family member of the deceased. The family declined to be named.

Hundreds of elective surgeries and operations have been postponed across the state capital, after the Covid-19 blockade went into effect. BMHRC's services have been affected. About 5.74 lakh of gas victims and thousands of their dependents receive free medical treatment and medication from BMHRC and its associated extension units. Many of the patients have had difficulty obtaining medication from the extension units due to the closure.

In recent weeks, IPD and OPD numbers have decreased by almost 90% in all government hospitals. Across the MP there is an estimated five lakh people who are on medication for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and common cancers.