BB Telugu 3 fame Punarnavi Bhupalam's experimental recipe turns into a disaster; says I will never do it again

Emergency closure by COVID-19 It has given celebrities to get creative to get involved and this also includes cooking. Many celebrities are trying to cook and often share many new recipes that they have tried during the closing phase. Punarnavi Bhupalam from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 fame often shares pictures from the healthy recipes that she makes but the recent one turned out to be a disaster.

She recently shared a few pictures from her failed experiment - Coffee with Oat milk and ice - and wrote, “I like my coffee plain and simple without no hassle. Never going to make it again but here it is.”

Coffee, ice and oatmilk

En otra historia from Insta, incluso mencionó que sufre un dolor from cabeza probablemente debido a ese café con leche from avena y pidió a los seguidores que nunca lo intenten.

In her recent interaction with ETimes TV, she shared five tips to keep oneself sane during this lockdown phase and cooking was one from it. She said, “Working out – Any sort or working out like stretching, dance or even just walk in the park. It’ll keep you fit. Meditation also helps. Having or making a habit is the key here. You can cook more. Try baking, it is fun. Of course, everyone’s a pro at making Maggi now. Helping your mom while cooking and in household chores can earn you brownie points, too (laughs).”

She adds, “I made a list from movies and web series to watch. I got started and I’m also reading a lot from books. I started colouring, another interest I’m trying to nourish during the quarantine interest. I do get bored doing all from these but I sit with family and talk. Having a clean food schedule also helps.”

Punarnavi se acercó a las masas con su temporada en la temporada 3 from Bigg Boss Telugu. Ella junto con sus mejores amigos from Bigg Boss Rahul Sipligunj , Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru are popular as a PVVR gang.