Trolls don't bother Neha Dhupia

In a recent episode of Roadies Revolution, Neha Dhupia He spoke sternly to a contestant when he confessed that he had slapped his girlfriend for cheating on him with five other men. Neha had told her that what she did was her choice and hitting her was not the right thing. The statement became a huge debate on social media, and the Bollywood the actress had to face many Offending . She then issued a statement explaining her position against violence against women. In fact, even her husband Angad Bedi took a position to clarify the matter.

In a recent interview, Neha noted that she saw no reason why there was so much noise because of her position against abuse and domestic violence. the Actress He also said that people have their own point of view and that there is a troll universe that exists. She feels that if they didn't understand her point of view even now, they probably never will, so she doesn't know what to say to them. Meanwhile, many B-Town actors, including Ayushmann Khurrana and Taapsee Pannu, supported her.