Kangana Ranaut shares ideas on why 'Ram is the most important icon of our civilization'

While stretching Ram Navami wishes to his followers, actor Kangana Ranaut on Thursday in a video message he detailed his understanding of why Ram is considered the most important icon of our civilization.

In a video message shared by her sister Rangoli Chandel on Twitter , the actor begins by asking his followers about Have you ever thought about why Ram is considered to be the most important human that has ever walked our earth, since he is not as deep as Krishna or omnipresent as Shiv.

Sharing his understanding on this subject, the 'Queen' actor said that Ram is a just man who throughout his life and his experiments have made us aware of what sacrifice is.

Additionally, she shared her story of becoming addicted to smoking that happened after filming for 'Woh Lamhe' at the age of 19, where her character in the movie had to smoke.

But after applying the concept of 'sacrifice', the 33-year-old actor cut down on smoking and said the idea helped her grow, and now it's her choices that govern her life and not other factors that collectively influenced her before.

He also cited examples of Mahatma Gandhi's actions, which were mostly derived from the concept of sacrifice.

In addition to establishing the meaning of sacrifice in each example, Rama, according to the actor, is considered the best icon because he preaches for non-violence.

Ram is the best warrior and if you are preaching for non-violence, that is greatness, the video concluded.