The swastika is not only a great human being, but also a wonderful co-star: Uday Pratap Singh

Television actor Uday Pratap Singh it's in cloud nine. The reason? The actor's dream came true when the director's filming recently ended. Arjunn Dutta Is the following Shrimati , where you could share the screen space with Swastika Mukherjee .

Sharing his excitement with us, Uday said, “Who doesn't want to work with Swastika? I was trying to be cool and confident, but was definitely nervous initially. But once she broke the ice, it was smooth sailing after that. She is such a sweet lady and treated me with so much of respect. It was a memorable experience working with her. She is not only a great human being, but also a wonderful co-star. I worked with Arjunnda in a short film, Maid For Each Other, way back in 2012. And I'm glad that after so many years, Shrimati finally happened. ”

Talking about the film’s storyline and his character, Uday shared, “The film is based on a woman in her late 30s named Shrimati. She is finds it difficult to cope up with society and does a whole lot of things to get accepted, but fails eventually. Later, she starts believing in her own abilities and comes out as a winner. This is what the basic story is. In the film, I play Sid , a gym instructor, who infuses confidence in Shrimati. But there's a catch too, which the audience will find out once they watch the film. ”