Priyanka Vows to Support Cong Workers to Religious Organizations in COVID-19 Relief Efforts

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, the Secretary-General of Congress wrote to various religious and organizations and pledged the support and help of Congressional workers in their efforts to combat the threat.

According to a statement issued by the party, he wrote letters to prominent people associated with many stray dogs, temples, gurdwaras, idaras, churches, and other religious institutions and organizations.

In your letter Priyanka gandhi He said religious institutions can help Congressional workers serve the public in the fight against the deadly virus.

Our country is going through a terrible crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. People from all corners of the country are returning home hungry and thirsty. People are losing jobs. The workers have lost their jobs, he said.

"If you need volunteers for public service, you can contact our district team. They will be ready to cooperate with you in works related to relief and rescue operations in fighting against the corona disaster," Priyanka gandhi said in the letter.

The congressional leader said she has called on party workers in Uttar Pradesh to help those in need by creating a volunteer team of congress ke sipahi in each district.