#CoronaTimes: Online hobby classes keep kids busy

Working from home in this confinement is not an easy task, especially if you have a young child. Parents find it difficult to keep their children, who are becoming increasingly restless, locked up inside their homes. To keep kids busy and also to ensure that their regular routine is not greatly disrupted, parents are turning to digital hobby classes, which many parents agree are blessings in disguise. While many of these classes are free, others charge minimal fees.

'People from all over the world joined our live digital classes'

Now that schools have started teaching online, parents feel it will help children keep proper hours, while staying busy. And when it comes to hobby classes, tutors say it will help children use their free time wisely. I run an experimental music academy for kids, so when the closing happened, I felt it was important to us to keep the kids engaged. What I noticed after my first live YouTube broadcast was that many new users from around the world joined the session, indicating that people around the world are looking for activities to keep kids entertained at home, says Sonam Upadhyaya. , guardian and resident of the Safdarjung Enclave.

Sunita Jaiswal, a resident of Sohna Road, Gurgaon, who started preparing cooking classes for children, shares: I used to take these classes for smaller groups of people. But I started teaching online classes for kids after coronavirus outbreak. They can learn, help their mothers, and not get bored at home. I got more than 20 thousand visits in my first video, and people from other countries also joined, so I'm going to continue with these classes.

Webp.net-resizeimage (11) 'I changed my session from a video conferencing platform to YouTube due to the number of registrations'

Although there are activities that parents do with their children at home, it is difficult to keep the child engaged when working from home. It is important to take these classes, because there is not much that children can do at home. These classes also ensure that their learning doesn't stop, and attendance is also better than usual these days, says Ritika Amit Kumar, a resident of Sector 56, Gurgaon, who is taking robotics and creative writing classes online.

We thought about doing the classes through a video conferencing app, but we got over 400 registrations for our first online storytelling session. So we had to switch it to YouTube, and the views there continued to rise, says Shweta Shangari, a Sidharth Extension resident who conducts online storytelling sessions.

It is a blessing for us that our children can pursue their hobbies even in self-isolation: parents

It is through word of mouth and recommendations from other parents that many other parents are learning about these digital classes. My daughter used to go to ballet classes, but now her lessons have changed online. When you take your kids to a class, then you know they are going to be busy for an hour, but here, we are supposed to sit with her. . Although this is an extra effort for us, it is something that he really enjoys, so we are happy that he can do what he likes, says Shruti Hazarika, resident of Sushant Lok-2.

Aarti Laxmanan, GK-1 resident, adds: My children attend a music class, which is a mix of many instruments. One of my sons is also learning classical music, and the module has now been changed online. It is a great blessing and helps keep you happy and busy.

For parents, it is important that their children's learning has not stopped. Online classes are definitely engaging and interactive. They are important to children, especially today. If the content is good and age appropriate, it is a blessing. You know your children are learning even when they are socially isolated, says Surbhi Mittal, a Chanakyapuri resident.