Exclusive: The shutdown could end soon, but it will take longer to recover: TV presenter Pradeep Machiraju

Ace TV Host Pradeep Machiraju open in the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Sharing his thoughts in an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Pradeep said: I think the general public did not understand the seriousness of the situation until the Janta curfew (March 22) was announced.

He adds: When I first read about the outbreak in China in February, I didn't think it was a pandemic. But it was when we found out that our country could be affected in the month of March, it hit me. I was afraid to imagine our population and the worst that could get worse.

Speaking more about the shutdown and the government's efforts to curb the spread, the actor-turned-presenter said: “State and central governments are doing everything they can to keep things under control. I think we are still in a safe zone compared to the West; thanks to the efforts of our government. The blockade in our country started quite early and it was the right decision.

Praising medical personnel and the police for their contribution, he said: “There are many problems and challenges surrounding this blockade and many sections of the public are also suffering. Despite the risk and challenges, the police and doctors are doing a great job. They also have families. They are still on the front line. We can never thank you enough. When I just look back, I feel like we're facing the consequences of Amazon fires & Australian forest fires & many such events which could have been avoided in the past.”

Pradeep further urged everyone to stay indoors & act responsibly in testing times like this. He further predicted that the lockdown might end soon. "Lockdown might end soon depending on the spread but it might take three more months for recovery & things to return to normalcy. But we should learn our lessons & still keep following good personal hygiene practises."