Gujarat: one more case of coronavirus found, one patient dies

AHMEDABAD: With one more person testing positive, the number of Covid-19 cases reached 88 on Thursday, while the number of deaths increased to seven with the death of one patient.

A 52-year-old man died in Vadodara from the infection early Thursday morning, bringing the death toll to seven, said Jayanti Ravi, Chief Health Secretary.

Elsewhere, a 28-year-old Bhavnagar man tested positive for the infection. He had come into contact with a 70-year-old Covid-19 patient in Bhavnagar who died a week ago after returning from Delhi.

According to the police, the deceased had gone to Delhi to attend a congregation in, which was later discovered to be a point of infection.

In good news, Ravi said, three coronavirus patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals on Thursday.

They included a 32-year-old Rajkot man, one of the first COVID-10 cases to come to light in the state.

Two other men were from Surat, one 45 years old and the other 23 years old.

Of the total 88 cases reported so far, there are 31 active cases in Ahmedabad, followed by Surat (12), Rajkot (10), Vadodara (9), Bhavnagar (7), Porbandar (3), Gir Somnath (2), and one in each, Mehsana and Panchmahal.

Of the 1,826 people tested in Gujarat for coronavirus so far, 1,714 were negative, 88 were positive and 24 results were expected, Ravi said, adding that more than 18,800 people are in quarantine in the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his video conference with the chief ministers in the morning emphasized simple measures to boost immunity, such as drinking warm water, practicing yoga and consuming milk mixed with turmeric powder, Ravi said.