Is Dalgona coffee an exaggeration? Here is the answer

Once again, the West has managed to renew our traditional dishes that used to be part of our lifestyle. Remember when our own Haldi Doodh became Turmeric Latte? In the same way, this time they have changed the name of our Café Pheti hui as Café Dalgona.

We agree that the delicious-looking aesthetic images of Dalgona Coffee are definitely not worth a shot as they thoughtlessly scroll social media during closing. If we look closely at social networks, this coffee is the biggest trend that is making noise on platforms. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok: Dalgona Coffee is on the Internet. On the other side of the spectrum, the drink is being criticized and is also considered overrated on social media. From home cooks to professionals, everyone agrees that it is a replica of pheti hui coffee of old age. To do a reality check, we did a survey on Twitter to find out if it's really delicious or over the top.

What's the score?

According to 40 percent of Internet users, it is an exaggerated drink, while 30 percent feel that it is worth trying. And 15 percent of people feel like they don't even want to try it.


What do the experts feel?

According to chef Sadaf Hussain, it is not something new. The only new thing is things backwards. Previously we used to beat the coffee and then add hot milk to it. With Dalgona, they add cold milk and then cover it with beaten coffee. I feel like the hot version with smoothie was much more intense and flavorful compared to Dalgona.

Why is it becoming popular?

Sadaf feels that it is because people do not have much to do at home during the confinement. Plus, it's the era of influencers, who have the power to please people with amazing plating art and camera tactics. And then there is a section of people who are curious to try everything that is in fashion.

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What is easy to drink?

According to people who had tried both, hot milk pehti hui coffee is easy to consume, as coffee, milk and sugar mix easily. While in the case of Dalgona, the use of ice and then filling the glass with beaten coffee up to the neck makes stirring and then drinking difficult. The uniform flavor is missing!