Actress Sandipta Sen shares her secret to stay positive during the running of the bulls

Actress Sandipta Sen She is arguably one of the most successful actresses in the Bengali television industry. In the middle of the whole country emergency shutdown when many people try to find creative ways to pass the time, Sandipta It has its own secret to stay positive.

The pretty actress shared how she prepared herself assuming we might have to stay home for a long time watching the wrath of the current outbreak.

“When there is stress, there is a coping strategy too. I prepared myself assuming the graveness of the situation and I’m not finding it difficult staying indoors. There are many ways to keep yourself busy, to stay positive, healthy and I have find out my ways. The moment the emergency shutdown was announced, my coping strategy was ready too,” says the actress with a smile on her face.

He stressed the need to care mental health especially during this critical time. The actress shared, “Taking care of mental health is very important. We are fighting with a virus by staying at home. If we feel depressed it will affect our overall health too. To stay healthy, we need to stay positive and utilise the time effectively.”

Revealing more on how she manages to stay positive and happy, she said, “I am utilising the entire emergency shutdown period in the most effective way. I am reading a lot, watching films, helping mom in her household chores. I have also taken out time to reorganise my wardrobe, which is quite a task,” she giggled while sharing. Well, there is another way to stay positive according to Sandipta . She said, “I am spending a lot of time with my parents. We have started a Ludo tournament going on and the results will be declared soon after the emergency shutdown is over. Every day and evening, we face challenges in noting down the scores. Let me tell you Maa is leading as she won 7 matches already,” Sandipta laughed out loud.

The actress has urged everyone to stay home and spent the day with their near and dear ones. She said, “I am staying home and would like to urge everyone to stay home. We can use the time in different ways as we like it. There is no reason for panic buying. Please be safe and stay inside home. ” Sandipta signed out on a positive note.