Ekta Kapoor's son Ravie's toy car backs up; the producer relates it to the current situation in life

Ekta Kapoor is to have a good time with my son Ravie Due to the emergency shutdown . The popular television producer often shares posts where she can be seen trying to entertain her little one.

Ekta shared a video today (April 2) where Ravie can be seen in a toy car which is moving backwards. While he is all confused, Ekta related it to the present life situation where everything seems to be moving in the same direction.

She wrote: Shit, the world is going backwards! #Panickattack.

The producer had earlier also shared a video, where she is dancing with Ravie. She had captioned it as, Dance when u overthink! Dance when you're scared! Dance cause u don't know! Dance if ur a hypochondriac n ur living ur nightmare.

In several of his other posts, Ekta has shared his difficulties keeping his son and even her locked up indoors, despite being people outdoors.

While personally Ekta may be occupied with her son, currently her production is closed Due to the increase in the spread of coronavirus in the country. The producer had declared shutdown of all production work for the safety of her workers a few days before the emergency shutdown .