COVID-19: Taylor Swift helps vintage record store stay afloat

Amid the ongoing crisis and coronavirus blockade, pop superstar Taylor Swift has intervened to pay the salary and health care for employees at a vintage record store near his home in Nashville.

The superstar's publicist contacted Music with an offer to pay the salaries and health care costs for staff during the next three months. It happened when the store got shut when the city's mayor issued a state at home order.

We were very surprised, and I would have to say amazed, that Taylor Swift reached out to us through her publicist to offer some relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the reports.

She didn't even know we were on her radar, but she really stepped forward to help after the recent tornadoes that hit Nashville and central Tennessee, and is now trying to help a beloved small business in her city, Davis added.

Continued: Taylor generously offered direct relief to my staff and covered three months of our healthcare costs for our group insurance plan. It's a big deal for us, and now I have a little peace of mind when applying for (Small Business Administration) loans to pay rent, sellers, and other expenses. This assistance from Ms. Swift helps give us a real chance to get back on the other side of this.

It's incredibly heartening and totally surreal that Taylor Swift has offered to help us out in such a significant way, Grimey's buyer Will orman He said, adding: With so much uncertainty about what awaits us, we are deeply grateful to be able to return to the store and continue to share music and connect with our community, thanks to Taylor's generous support.

Swift has also donated to Feeding America and the World Health Organization and asked her fans to support organizations in the midst of the ongoing health crisis.