Congress demands more tests for the coronavirus and asks the government to establish a task force to revive the economy

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) demanded more evidence and called on the government to immediately set up a group of experts to suggest measures to revive the economy.

At a CWC meeting, the party's highest decision-making body, held via videoconference, it was also suggested that the government immediately submit 'financial action plan 2' to help those affected by the 21-day national blockade.

The CWC accused the government of not seriously thinking about the deteriorating economic situation in the country, even when it said that the government had erred in adopting the limited evidence policy for COVID-19.

He called for more tests for the coronavirus and said extensive testing in many countries had led to containment of the spread of the deadly virus.

Suggesting various measures, the CWC said the government should focus on containing the virus through extensive testing, medical treatment for infected people, and a substantial improvement in the capacity, infrastructure and human resources to combat the epidemic.

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He said the government should focus on livelihood support for the poor, especially daily wage earners, migrant workers, casual and seasonal workers, laid-off workers, self-employed workers, farmers, tenants and agricultural workers. landless.

In addition, he said that he must guarantee the maintenance of the supply of goods and services so that the people locked in their homes can access the items they need daily.

The CWC called on the government to take steps to restart the engines of economic growth.

The committee also called for adequate and comprehensive preparations to be made for the immediate harvest and acquisition of wheat and other rabies crops at the minimum support price.

The CWC is of the opinion that the government has not thought at all about the deterioration of the economic situation. This does not admit any delay.

The CWC demands that the government immediately appoint an Economic Task Force made up of world-renowned economists to suggest three plans: an emergency plan within a week; a short to medium term plan within a month; and a medium to long-term plan within three months to protect and revive the economy, said the CWC statement read by the AICC secretary general.

AICC's chief spokesman said: In terms of containment and treatment, the government has erred in adopting a limited testing strategy. A lock or any other type of restriction is useless unless accompanied by extensive testing.

The flawed strategy needs to be reviewed and the evidence needs to be expanded urgently, he said.