Gurdas Maan expresses his regret at the disappearance of Padma Shri Bhai Nirmal Singh

In the midst of the pandemic state, another heartbreaking News has arrived. Today, the award-winning Padma Shri, Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa , died at dawn in a hospital located in Amritsar.

The News of demise came as a shock, and left everyone disheartened. Punjabi singer-actor Gurdas Maan He also felt immense grief and he expressed the same on his social networks.

Sharing the picture of him resting his head on the shoulder of late Bhai Nirmal Singh, Gurdas Maan wrote - “Oh rabba mereya Bat sarbat da bhala kar - dukh hoyea Padamshree Bhai Nirmal singhji Khalsa barey sunnke - zaat paat toh uttey teh pyaar wandan waley mahagyaniyan di saanu iss duniya teh bahut zaroorat hai - bahut ranjh Hoya unnha da iss duniya to!

Bhai Nirmal Singh, who was a former Hazoori Ragi, reportedly tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. However, cardiac arrest has been declared as the reason for his death.

On March 31, he was hospitalized with complications of dyspnea and dizziness , according to an agency report.