My day is to practice my game, do yoga and read books: Dhvaj Haria

In the midst of closure, when all outdoor activities are closed, quarantined people are investing in productive activities at home. Cueist Dhvaj Haria is one of them. With all tournaments canceled until June, you have plenty of time on hand, but you're not wasting a minute. Not only do you practice for three hours a day, but you're also learning new tricks of the game by watching clips of legendary players.

Speaking of his time at home, Dhvaj says: “I have a table at home, so I practice for three hours a day. In addition to that, I also watch many videos of famous players and top players to learn how they set up the game, how they proceed with their set and the different strategies they apply to win. This will help me improve my game.

But your daily routine is not just limited to practice. He also does yoga and reads different books to keep himself busy. My yoga teacher now takes classes online so I don't miss out, as staying fit is a primary requirement for being an athlete. So I do yoga regularly and now that I'm sitting at home I also read new books, something I've wanted to do for some time.