In quarantine, Amrita Rao cooks her special special meal

Between emergency shutdown , all the actors are doing things that are not part of their daily routine and they enjoy doing new things. While some work at home, read books, learn new things, others simply enjoy home cooking to the fullest. One of them is an actress Amrita Rao who became a chef and cooked curd rice, which is his comfort food.

the Actress He shared the photo of his plate and wrote: Chef Amrita is special today with homemade curd ... rice tadka curd comfort food. By looking at the delicious food, some might even get inspired and cook something light and delicious.


Few days back, the couple, Amrita Rao and hubby Anmol went live on their instagram handle and there they got a chance to name a sweet little new born baby girl. One of their fan asked them to name her baby girl and Amrita was surprised and happy that she was asked to do that and she happily named the girl. the Actress has been sharing her daily food pictures on the social media platform.