Playing Mahashweta Devi on-screen will be a milestone for me: Gargee Roychowdhury

Taking up the challenge of playing an upright character who defies social norms is not child's play. And it becomes more difficult when you have to rehearse the role of author-activist Mahashweta Devi . That's the challenge Gargee Roychowdhury has ahead. She is poised to play the title role in Arindam Sil It is coming ‘ Mahananda ’, Inspired by the life and work of Mahasweta Devi.

The talented Bengali beauty leaves no stone unturned to slip into the character of a non-conformist feminist author, who had fought for tribal rights all her life.

The versatile actress admits this will be a milestone in her career: “It can be a milestone. So I had to say yes. I've been in the industry for over two decades, and for so many years, no one thought of that character for me. Mahasweta Devi's passionate energy is so exhilarating. Imagine, in 1960, you abandoned your marriage to Bijon Bhattacharya and took a lot of strange jobs.

Those who know of her through the prisms of Hajar Churashir Maa and Rudaali only know a part of her. She was much beyond that, and that's precisely what we want to explore in Mahananda. For this, I am learning the Santhal language, reading her body of work, going to remote villa g es of Purulia where she had been and also getting sun-tanned, since everything can't be achieved through makeup alone, ”explained the actress .

While Gargee will be seen as Mahasweta Devi, the rest of the cast includes Ishaa Saha and Gaurav Chakrabarty in fundamental roles. The music will be composed by Bickram Ghosh , and the script is co-written by Subhendu Dasmunshi and Arindam Sil.