Mandana Karimi is concerned for her family as they are stranded in Iran in the midst of a coronavirus crisis.

Bollywood Actress Mandana Karimi , who is known for her fascinating appearance and a large following on social media, recently spoke about her concerns when her family (mother, 2 siblings, and a close friend) get caught up in I ran between coronavirus crisis .

Speaking of which, he revealed that the situation is really bad since there are no suitable disinfectants or medications available. As always, his mother was supposed to come to India to celebrate Holi but due to the outbreak, he couldn't.

The 31 years Actress He also said that the only way to connect with his family is the internet. Without adequate medical care and possible tests to detect the virus, people are taken directly to the hospital if they are sick. Plus, she even added that she was initially so affected by this that she couldn't even exercise, but after much thought, she's trying to get things back to normal.

He even opened up about his own challenges as he has always been traveling, therefore he has no knowledge about food storage, so that is what he has been learning. Apart from that, she has her two dogs to accompany her during the crisis time.