This blooper video of Ammy Virk and Maninder Bhuttar lip smacking with Tod Da E Dil is a must see

Ammy Virk He recently hit the music charts with his latest song ‘ Tod Da E Dil ’. Written by Manninder Bhuttar , the song is an emotional melody that touched many hearts. However, as much as the original song is emotional, one of the blooper videos made in it is too funny to miss.

Taking to his social media handle, Ammy Virk has shared a video of him and Maninder Bhuttar trying to lipsync on their latest song. However, the Maninder couldn’t catch the lyric as the song got played and Ammy couldn’t help his laughter. In fact, during the entire Ammy Virk was seen laughing and goofing around, while Maninder was trying to get the song right.

Watch the video here:

Going back to the original song, it is such a beautiful melody that you should not miss it! In case you haven't heard it yet, listen to it now: