There is a collective sadness that we are experiencing right now: Sunainaa

Having good mental health during this time of emergency shutdown is important. While many are taking up various activities to keep themselves occupied, actress Sunainaa took to her social media account to stress on the importance of having good mental health . She also went on to explain how she was sad for a couple of months as she was reading the news about Coronavirus since december

She posted: Early to be, early to get up and exercise at home made me like ... ☺️ I felt guilty and strangely sad for the past few months, because of what has been happening in the world. In fact, it was very strangely off and I couldn't point out what was bothering me ... this was in January. After all the self-inspection (I should do it more often to get to the bottom of things much faster 😄), I realized that I was checking the news on the current situation, constantly, 24/7, since December. Yes, I have been following the news for a long time and I did not laugh much, I had a great energy drop because you know that it is difficult to enjoy something when you know that someone somewhere is suffering. There is a collective sadness that we are experiencing right now and it is okay. It is normal because nobody wants to see anyone suffer. It is human nature to feel pain for someone. Send so much love to anyone who is feeling the same. ❤️ Try to smile and relax a little, strengthen your immune system by stressing less and send good vibes Love and prayers to all affected. I am doing all of the above.

She also sends love to all the people who work 24/7 to keep us safe. She added: Also more power for everyone who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep us safe. Let's be better human beings after all this is over (as long as it is). And I hope they are socially estranged. Greetings to the hope, to the hopeful futures. #instagood #quarantine.