Kasautii Zindagii Erica Fernandes de Kay: Drawing is something that really keeps me calm and focused

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Actress Erica Fernandes He appears to be truly uncovering all of his hidden talents and experiences during this phase of home quarantine.

The actress, who recently channelised her inner chef by revealing a photo of herself cooking up some deliciously looking khatti dal and aloo methi ki sabzi, has now showcased her lovely artistic talents with a beautiful drawing made by her. The Actress revealed that she loves doing productive things during her free time. She also recalled her childhood memories as she spoke about sketching.

Speaking of her love of drawing and design too, Erica shares: I am someone who loves to do productive things in my spare time. Whether it's cooking, learning something new, or even drawing and designing, it has to be something that sparks my creativity. side. Drawing is something that really keeps me calm and focused, and also allows good hand movement. I love to sit back and scribble everything on my mind at the time. And the use of pencils and pens always reminds me of how immobile it would be to use as a child, which is why I love participating in this activity even more. What I have drawn today is a maze, which is very relevant to our current situation. We are all currently in the midst of this misty maze, but we will definitely be free of it soon.