Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Maha Guru Dr. Hamsalekha writes a song to raise awareness about Covid-19

As the country struggles Coronavirus , music director Hamsalekha , who is also one of the judges of the singing show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa , has composed a special song to publicize the outbreak. The songs talk about the need to stay indoors to control the coronavirus.

Considering the other diseases like Plague, Dengue, Cholera which caused a lot of panic among the people earlier, the Maha Guru in his song on Coronavirus says Bye-Bye Corona, Goodbye Corona. He has also appealed to all people to strictly follow the lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus.

The channel that broadcast the musical reality show has shared the song composed by the musical director on their social networks, which has shocked the Internet.

Here is the video

Interestingly, Hamsalekha 's family members have also supported him in the song. The latter's wife and daughter have lent their voice to the song. In the viral video, Hamsalekha is seen playing the guitar while his wife and daughter are seen singing to the peppy song.