Rama Rama Rama Re ’launched online; the audience sends money to the manufacturers

Rama Rama Re It was one of the best movies in the Kannada film industry in 2016 . The film was released four years ago, but received such an excellent response that it was released online recently. Online viewers are appreciating the movie again and are sending the ticket money for the movie to the creators.

Director D. Satya Prakash's first directorial venture in Kannada, 'Rama Rama Re' became a super hit movie. The movie also won the Best Kannada movie award at the Bangalore International Cinema Festival 2016. Satya Prakash also won the Karnataka State Film Award for Director's First Time Best Film.

Actor Nata Raj, who played a major role in the movie shared a screenshot of the transferred money by the viewer and wrote, “One of the fans wrote, ‘didn't watch this movie just watched it. I have sent money because I don't want to see such a good movie for free’. Salute to the faith in our team and the love of your movie , artists and technician.”

Previously, the public also sent money for watching 'Love Mocktail' and 'Dia' online. K Jayaram, Nata Raj, Dharmanna Kadur, Bimbashree, Bhaskar , MK Mutt, Radha Ramachandra, Sridhar, Priya Shatamarshan are the major cast of ‘ Rama Rama Re ’. Nobin Paul composed the music and Vasuki Vaibhav crooned three songs for the movie. The movie was remade in Telugu as well.