Robbie Williams hasn't seen ghosts since he became a father

Singer Robbie Williams He said he has not seen ghosts since he became a father.

The Angels' Hitmakers He previously claimed to have spoken to spirits and to have been visited by aliens.

In a interview The singer says he has not spoken to ghosts since he became a father six years ago, according to reports.

He has four children Charlie , Teddy, Coco, Beau.

The strangest thing is that since I have had children, the phenomenon has stopped happening. I guess once you have kids, they just absorb all your energy and your thoughts, he said.

The superstar currently lives in Los Angeles. He said that his religious upbringing interested him in the supernatural.

He explained: They told me at a very young age that I used to see people who had passed away and that I would talk to them. That continued through my youth. Then I stopped talking to them because I found drugs. It came out of the Catholic womb, so they tell you all these amazing stories about this amazing man who walked on water and, you know, made shrimp for everyone.

So now you are open to the possibility of the paranormal. My mother had these books on her shelves about fairies and UFOs, so my mind has already been open to these things, she added.