Sancharam, Sthree, Jungle Book ... watch the Malayalam TV shows that our celebrities want to see again!

It's only been a few days since DD decided to air the epic shows of the 1980s and 1990s Ramayan, Mahabharath, and Shaktiman on television again, and the public also welcomed the movement. If we are given the chance to see some iconic Malayalam shows again, what would be our choice? These are the shows that some of our favorite television stars would like to bring back:


I want to see how I enjoy Jungle Book like a grown man: Richard NJ

I always loved the Malayalam version of Jungle Book , which had an interesting title song and the lovable character of Mowgli. As a kid, I always wanted to be like Mowgli, who didn’t have to go to school! I even used to dream of the characters Bhagreera and Baloo too. Now, as a grown man, I would like to see how I enjoy these characters and would love to watch Jungle Book again.

Paaruu I would love to see Star Singer: Parvathi R Krishna again

The Star Singer show was one of my favorite evergreen malayalam shows. It stays close to my heart because my husband Balagopal was also one of the contestants in the 2008 edition of the program. He was just 14 years old then and a fan of Balu Chettan's performances. Luckily, we got married later. So, I wish to see the issue again, savoring my love for your performance.


I'm a fan of the previous version of Sancharam : Anoop Krishnan

The travel show Sancharam was aired as a weekly series in 2001. The hosts Santhosh George Kulangara’s presentation was an interesting factor that hooked me on to the show, when I was a kid. I even used to mimic some of the narrations which he made. Though there is a channel in itself dedicated to it, I guess I would love to watch the old version of the show again on TV.

Sadhika Venugopal

I would like to see Sthree, which is still relevant: Sadhika Venugopal

the Three series aired in late 1998 to mid-2000 was a very prominent women-centric serial that portrayed how strong and bold women can be, and I would like to watch it. the serial, I feel, would still be relevant if aired now because of its women-centric content. the women in it weren’t teary-eyed, feeble personalities and were admirably strong and independent enough to stand up for themselves.