Who can overcome these difficult times is ‘Bazigar, says Kartar Cheema as he prepares for the Breaker in the midst of the shutdown

Someone who can get through these tough times is Bazigar, he says. Kartar Cheema in preparing for ‘ Defaulter Between emergency shutdown

The shoot of Kartar Cheema ’s ‘ Defaulter ’ was supposed to begin this month. But owing to the outbreak of the pandemic, even before the emergency shutdown the makers of the movie announced that they will be postponing the shoot. Nonetheless, the actor has started preparing for his character , and although he had an exclusive word with ETimes, he said: Someone who can overcome these difficult times is ‘Bazigar.

Kartar Cheema will be seen playing the main protagonist in the movie. For the same he has to look muscular and very intense. However, the emergency shutdown has made it a little tough for him to build a physique he desires to have. Talking about it he said,“Actually, at this time when we all are sitting at home, the sources that we want to use are not available. There’s no proper diet, so it is a very difficult time for us to prepare for our role and prepare our body accordingly”, he said.“Now if I talk about the ‘ Defaulter ’ movie, for it I need to have a good physique and have an intense look, so I ' m working on it. I am making moderations in the diet, I make my diet plan according to the meals available at home. Then I don't have all the gym equipment at home. So even with limited equipment I am trying to work on every muscle of my body. So you see, there’s no proper diet; no proper gym; still I am trying and I think it may be not 100 per cent but I will get the desired shape 60-70 per cent for the role.” he added.Though Kartar said that he might be able to get only 60-70 percent of the physique, his perfect abs and home workout videos speak otherwise. Check them out here:

The actor also said that there are indeed obstacles in the way of prepping up for his role, but the one who can go through them is the real winner and he is trying to do the same. “There are obstacles, there's no proper diet, no gym, you can't even go for a run, as all the parks are also closed. At the same time, you can't keep a big treadmill at home. So, there are difficulties, but then the one who can get through these difficult times is bazigar. So I am doing that; trying to do that so that my producers don't face any issue when they start shooting the movie”, said Kartar.The actor further told us that he is going through the script thoroughly. The character that he will be playing has a number of shades and a stroke of complexity, which certainly is not a cake walk to bring in front of the camera. Thus, he is even a little glad that owing to the quarantine, he has got time to understand and prepare for his character more. He said that he is putting all the energy that earlier he used to invest on other activities before the emergency shutdown only to get himself ready for ‘ Defaulter ’.