Simple actress Chang Asopa, Angne Mein, was criticized for sharing intimate photos with her husband Rajeev Sen

Mera Angne Mein Actress Charu Asopa and husband Rajeev Sen I shared some intimate photos of themselves on their respective Instagram accounts last night. Little did they know that the images would be called on social networks for being inappropriate.

In the photos, Charu had donned a strapless evening gown while Rajeev was shirtless. Rajeev was seen planting kisses on Charu's wife's neck and cheek. They were asked to get a room for themselves, their morality was questioned, and things such as why to make their personal lives public were raised. After so many negative comments, both Charu and Rajeev removed the comments before disabling them in the post. Take a look at the image they posted here:

One user wrote that the images were too private to post on social media and asked them to stay decent.

charu-comment-a Another user asked what happens if his family members see those images and said that some things should be private.

charu-comment One of the users also said that just because they are husband and wife, they do not have the authority or the freedom to reveal their room information to the public. charu-comment-b Charu and Rajeev often share cozy and romantic images on their Instagram accounts and deliver to PDA (public display of affection). The two were married on June 7, 2019.