Kanipinchani Purugu Corona: RGV's song about coronavirus

Ram Gopal Varma he comes back with a new song and this time he's headed for the deadly novel coronavirus instead of a person.

Released a number titled Kanipinchani Purugu Corona and it's as scary as the virus. The director himself lent his vocals for the number which sees disjointed lyrics, also penned by him. Ram Gopal Varma too seems to not take it too seriously though, seeing as how he has advised everyone to wear a mask on their ears before listening to the song.

RGV It seems that he never stops taking advantage of anything that happens in the world, even going so far as to decipher the 'joke' of an April fool who has been tested positive for COVID-19. Music director Sandeep Addanki he composed the melodies for this mediocre number.